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Alexander Bateman Jr.


It started innocently enough for Alexander Bateman Jr., a law partner at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, and Board Member and Member of the Executive Committee of United Way of Long Island.

Last year Alex was in a discussion with Theresa Regnante, President and CEO of United Way of Long Island about the agency fielding a team to compete in the 2016 NYC Marathon on behalf of the Mission United program.

After some thought, Bateman felt it would a great way to raise funds and bring awareness in support of the organization’s veterans programs. Theresa asked him if Ruskin Moscou Faltischek would entertain the idea of sponsoring a runner. Without hesitation, Alex agreed. He thought for a while about who could run and then made the fateful decision. Alex said, “We needed a runner….why not me?”

If his past running career is any indication, he just might have the motivation to go all the way this November. Alex has run some 5k’s, not just for his pleasure, but mostly in support of important causes. He has run for veterans in the past including last September’s Airborne 5K in Sayville.

Bateman got a taste of tougher competition last year when he competed in his first sprint triathlon. He’s training to compete in the May Long Island Half Marathon and take it from there. Alex commented that he is currently studying some marathon training regimes and will soon decide what root to take to be ready for the NYC Marathon.

With a great affinity for Mission United, Alex just might be more excited about the prospects of what the exposure will mean for United Way then perhaps actually running in the race. Alex said “With one of America’s largest veteran populations here on Long Island, the umbrella of services offered through Mission United is crucial to giving these heroes the best quality of life possible. This race is a fantastic opportunity not just to raise money but to bring attention to Mission United.”

The prospect of running in what many consider to be the world’s number one Marathon is exciting for Alex. He commented that as a relative novice runner “I never thought I would have the opportunity to run in such a race. It’s not the type of event that many people get the chance to compete in.”

His goal for the race? “As a first-time marathoner, I want to complete the race and post what I feel would be a good time for me.”

After thinking for awhile, Alex in a self-effacing way concluded with, “I guess I can suffer through the run when I take into consideration what our veterans have done for us. Kind of pales in comparison.”

Alex Bateman’s dedication to Mission United and United Way of Long Island should take him all the way to the Central Park finish line.