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Bill Ude

Bill Ude has been a driver for UPS for the past 29 years. There must be fountain of youth formula that he has created on the job over these nearly three decades, because this November he will be competing in his third NYC Marathon.  What makes Bill’s record of running accomplishments so interesting, is the fact that at 55 years old he has only been running competitively for the past five of them. Ude recalls his running start. “I had a friend who along with his wife ran in marathon’s and they asked me to join them in training.” After that invitation, Bill never looked backed. He has run in 5 marathons and this summer will compete in his first Ironman.

When Bill was asked to run for UPS to support Mission United he did not hesitate. He commented that “As soon as I heard I was running to support veterans and active military it was an easy sell.”

The first two times Bill competed in the NYC Marathon he ran on a UPS team. Bill, who bleeds UPS brown was honored. He said that “UPS is a great company, and it was a real privilege to run in the company colors. We are a sponsor of the Marathon so not only was I able to run but I also had the chance in the hospitality tent to meet some of our biggest customers face to face.”

Bill’s training partner is Erick Rosales who also works for UPS and will be running for Mission United. Bill appreciates Erick’s motivation that pushes him also to succeed on a higher level. He looks forward to having him on the team.

You might think Bill is slightly jaded by running for the third time in one of the world’s greatest marathons. His enthusiasm though has not waned one bit. Bill remarked that the NYC Marathon is like the Super Bowl. “When 2 million New Yorkers line the route and just keep on cheering it shows a lot of love. You can never get tired of that.”

Kevin Gates, Suffolk Hub Division Manager for UPS is delighted that the company can add a new element to their relationship with the NYC Marathon. Gates said that “It is great to know that we have two of our employees running for Mission United. We put a lot of effort into our relationship with both United Way of Long Island and the NYC Marathon. To see both these partnerships come together in the same place is great for the company and our employees.”

With the added motivation of running for a cause, Bill wishes November was already here. He said, “Running for Mission United will motivate me to give my best effort. This one will be extra special that I’m running for the vets.”

After contemplating for a few moments, Bill concluded with this. “You know what makes this even better? For the first time in my running career, I will be racing for someone else and not just me.”

With that kind of thinking, Ude will shine on November 6th.