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David Tauster


David Tauster, a labor and employment attorney for Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck, LLP, a labor attorney for Kaufman Dolowich Voluck in Woodbury was contemplating seeking a lottery spot in the 2016 NYC Marathon when a chance chat with his close friend and United Way of Long Island board member Greg May brightened his day.

May, the Nassau County Commissioner of Taxi and Limousine told David that a spot remained on Team Mission United to compete in the Marathon. David recalled the chance discussion, “When Greg told me about Mission United and the NYC Marathon it was the perfect storm. I now had a way to run in the Marathon while supporting an important cause.”

David has totally embraced the sport. At 32 years old he has only been running since 2012. The idea of taking up running had great appeal for him. David mentioned that “I wanted to get fit. Running suited me’s kind of do it yourself. You don’t need a teammate or partner to run and you can get into that Zen like place.”

David started with 10K runs and moved into the marathon ranks. David commented, “I did the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington in 2013 and the 2014 Chicago Marathon.” He has suffered a few injuries running including a knee problem after the Chicago Marathon. This minor setback has not dissuaded him from competing in New York for Mission United. David put it into perspective when he said “Veterans have given so much for us putting their lives on the line. I can certainly put my knees on the line to support them.”

Leading up to the race David will follow the 18-week training protocols of running Guru Hal Higdon. Following the program will have him ready for the big race. In David’s mind, nothing will beat the thrill of competing in the NYC Marathon. He said, “It’s the most famous race in the world, a runners dream.”

That dream only gets amplified when David talks about the excitement of running in New York. David commented, “I’ve only run marathons out of town until now. With the NYC Marathon friends and relatives can hop on a train to join in the excitement.”

Two people who will certainly have train tickets in hand are David’s wife Callan and 7-month-old son Henry.

The NYC Marathon, running for veterans and having your wife and son cheer you on: it doesn’t get any better than that!