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Kathy Wagner

Kathy Wagner, Generalist Manager for the Long Island Region of Enterprise Holdings, is the perfect runner to join Team Mission United. She is 50% runner and 50% United Way of Long Island supporter and cheerleader.

As head of the human resources department for Enterprise on Long Island, Kathy has run the United Way campaign for the car rental agency for close to ten years. When Eric Schonhoff, Enterprises Regional Vice President asked her if she would like the chance to compete in the NYC Marathon on behalf of Enterprise in support of Mission United the answer was an instantaneous yes!

Kathy is meeting the challenge with great enthusiasm. She recently said that “This is a huge race supporting a huge cause, it’s awesome.” United Way of Long Island support is important to Kathy and Mission United has a special place in her heart.

As the leader of the Enterprise United Way of Long Island campaign, Kathy likes to generate employee enthusiasm talking about two of her favorite programs. When Kathy speaks about United Way, she focuses in on both YouthBuild and Mission United. Kathy feels Mission United is a vital program to assist veterans and is one of the reasons Enterprise sees a 90% employee participation rate on Long Island.

No stranger to running Kathy began to take the sport seriously when she was a student at SUNY Albany. She recalls that “I started to run back in 2000 at Albany. It was a challenge seeing if I could beat my best times and seek out new and exciting routes to run.”

Kathy began to run in competitive races just a few years ago. She has competed in both 5K and 10K events, half marathons, mud runs and warrior dashes. The NYC Marathon will be her first.

Kathy is grateful for the opportunity Enterprise is giving her. She commented, “I am excited that Enterprise has the faith in me as a runner and employee to represent the company. Eric Schonhoff is also a big advocate for Mission United and since he came to the Long Island region of Enterprise in 2013 has been 100% supportive of United Way of Long Island.”

Not only is Schonhoff supportive, but he also serves on the United Way of Long Island board of directors. Eric said “Not only is it great to back a seasoned runner like Kathy, but she also deserves accolades for putting her heart and soul behind Mission United and the entire campaign.”

Kathy can’t wait for the marathon but in the meantime has some important business at hand, making 2016 the biggest Enterprise giving year in the history of the company’s involvement with United Way of Long Island.